Puppies born February 1, 2016

Sire: CH Mystique's Moonshine at CroJas - "Morgan"

Dam: CH CroJas Are You Kidding Me - "Liberty"

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Day 1

5 boys and 2 girls! Morgan, what's up with the boys?


Our first drink! we love this stuff


A quiet moment with mom!


Almost 1 week old

 Mom's milk finally kicked in and we are growing fast 



 Look how pretty mom is....she got groomed today




2 weeks old

 All I know is we like to sleep all day long!


Even during our photo shoot!


This is the best pillow ever.


Hey, this is my pillow!!!!


 Thank god they left....now I can sleep some more!


3 weeks old

 Hey, we're playing! 


 (elapsed time 1 minute) Hey, we're still playing!


 (elapsed time 2 minutes) Hey, we're sleeping!


 I think mom is sick of us!


4 weeks old

 Dad was on vacation so no photo shoot this week!


5 weeks old

 The first supper!


 Now we have energy to play!



 I love to snuggle up with my brothers and sisters!


6 weeks old

 I wonder if we are going to get a bigger bed now that we have grown!


 I'm not getting out on that cold floor!


 This is my toy....want to play?


 I'm so special....I get my own photo shoot?

(Little "Pink Girl")


7 weeks old

 Hey! are we in jail?


 Let us out!


 This is more like it, we get to play with our brothers from the other mother

(Gyspsy's and Liberty's puppies playing together for the first time)