Puppies born January 22, 2016

Sire: CH Mystique's Moonshine at CroJas - "Morgan"

Dam: CH CroJas Kwic Gypsy Rose Lee - "Gypsy"

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Day 1

I'm not sure I am ready for this Dad!

(This is Gypsy's 1st litter)


What are these?


I guess their mine.


Yep! their mine


Life is tough


1 week old

Okay, are you sure these are mine?



I guess I will keep feeding them!


Seriously! these 4 boys are draining me. Can you say TANKS?


Can you tell we have doubled in size just in the last week?


2 weeks old

I can see you, but I can't hear you! Our eyes opened this week,

but we still need to wait another week to hear 


Mom, lay down so we can feed our fat little bodies!


Is that a Milk Cave? let me in


Look, I can still eat laying on my back!


3 weeks old

Wow! we are starting to walk


But of course we still like to sleep most of the time.


Yes we do!


But not me! I like to keep my eyes open


4 weeks old

Surprise... we've grown! Aren't we cute?


We are just starting to play with each other



I think I'm bored with playing, were is mom?.....I wan't MILK!


5 weeks old

DAD Was on vacation so no photo shoot for the week!


6 weeks old

Hey! this doesn't look like mom. Are we supposed to eat this stuff?



I guess we'll try it.


That was pretty good, let's take a nap.


Ahhhhh! I get the bed all to myself. 


Can you tell which does not belong? LOL


8 weeks old

We got groomed on our 8 week birthday....how do we look?



Time to play!


Who's out there?


Oh! it's our baby brothers and sisters.

(Gypsy's and Liberty's puppies playing together for the first time)