Puppies born on August 12, 2011

Sire: GCH Mystique's Finding Neverland - "THRILLER"

Dam: CH CroJas Finale Rose - "FINA"


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Day 1

3 Days

Can you say "Puppy Pile?"

Maybe they should name me "YODA!"

9 Days

Only 9 days old and we have more than doubled in size!

2 Weeks

2 weeks and we can finally see!

Don't I look like a little Teddy Bear?

3 Weeks

Momma finally freshly groomed on our 3 week birthday!

Eyes wide openend and we can finally hear. Starting to walk

and play with each other and even with Mom a little!

I really am happy...it's just that I had to endure Dad grooming me!

5 Weeks

Which does not belong?


We are now spending less time with mom....

.....and fighting more!

Hey, this ain't my brother!

I know I'm cute

6 Weeks

It's getting harder to be still for pictures

Except when we're behind bars....

.....or when we're eating!

We love our kibble but still like to get some from mom when we get a chance.