Puppies born April 23, 2020

Sire: CH Manit's I Was Born To Love You - "Simon"

Dam: CH CroJas Sign Of A Gypsy Queen - "LeeLoo"

Simon 2020 03 15 Sun Shasta bos BodyLeeLoo Coyote Body

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Day 1

4 boys and 3 girls! LeeLoo, what a nice litter, Congratulations!


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 IMG 1096 480x640


IMG 1097 480x640



Day 5

I just want to cuddle and Sleep!

IMG 1117 2 480x640


IMG 1119 2 480x640



 Week 1

We look like little chunky monkeys with short tails!

IMG 1124 515x640


IMG 1125 2 480x640 


 We've more than doubled our size and weight!

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IMG 1140 480x640


IMG 1141 480x640


Week 2

Wow, we can see and we are starting to get our "sea legs"

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IMG 1155 480x640


IMG 1157 480x640


IMG 1159 480x640


Are you lookin at me?

IMG 1154 480x640



Week 3


Yummy......This milk is delicious!!!!


Oh no, I think we are in a milk Comma!





TV TIme….Whats on?



Uh oh! Here comes Uncle Ziggy!



Week 4


Just try to take this foot ball away from me!


Relaxation time with Mom!


I'm soooo special!!!


What? are we chopped liver?


5 Weeks


Time to come outside.  Hey, let us out of this basket


Come on guys, the grass is cool!


Let's explore!!













I think they call this a Jungle Gym!! 



Almost 8 Weeks!


OMG! We are soooo big and soooo CUTE!


Play time with Mom and Uncle Ziggy!!!!


Mom showing us "The Ropes"



Hey, who's over there? I don't care, I'm bored!!!


No! it's MINE!


I think play time is coming to an end!