Puppies born on August 21, 2011

Sire: GCH Mystique's Finding Neverland - "THRILLER"

Dam: CH Regency's Hoochie Coochie Rose - "HOOCHIE"

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Day -1

Can you believe I have 8 puppies in here?

Day 1

Believe it or not!

1 Week

1 week and growing

Got Milk?

2 Weeks

Mom's eating 4 times per day which is 4 times

more than she normally eats!

Freshly bathed...boy mom smells good!

3 Weeks

Yes, this is the good life.

Milk demand is high!

So Fina helped her mom with 4 of the pups!

Mmmmm, that was good!

4 Weeks

Life is still good this week!

5 Weeks

8 is enough.....

......But 12 is even better!

Fina and Hoochie's puppies together for the first time

We are now eating mush.....

.....But still get a meal from Mom and Sis!

Dad watching over the operation intently