Puppies Born June 15, 2020

Sire: CH Manit's I Was Born To Love You - "Simon"

Dam: Secretary Of State - "Condie"

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Day 1 

I think I am getting ready Dad!!!! 



I told you!!!! Wow, 4 boys







Week 2 

Hey Guys! lets have a team huddle….so what do you think about mom?


I really think she is over feeding us!


I mean look how fat we are!


Yah, but don't you love all that milk?


We can't even hold our own heads up yet!


Hmmm....Nap time!


I see you!





Week 3 

Where is mom? let me at her...need more milk!



Well I'm awake!


Okay team....I'm your big GIANT brother Louie and what ever I say goes!


Week 4












Week 5






Week 6