Thriller Retired to his


"Forever Home"


in San Francisco!


Read Michael and Jess' story and then view the pictures of Thriller in his new retired "Forever" life

Thank you Michael and Jess for giving our little stud a wonderful home!



Dear Judy,

Thanks for helping me out with a referral this afternoon. I called Glendora, and she does have a litter due soon, but we are looking for a pup we can take home at the end of July, so the timing isn't quite right.

Would you please send the other contacts you had mentioned on the phone? Below is a little more info about my boyfriend Michael and me.

Thank you so much for your help!

About us:

My boyfriend Michael and I have been looking for nearly a year for an SF apartment that will accept dogs. We have finally found our place, and we are eagerly looking forward to welcoming a dog into our home. We have talked it over extensively, and we feel we are ready to commit the time, money, and energy to a pet, but we need some help in locating a match for us.

We are a happy couple in our early 30's, and we want and affectionate, fun dog to add to our life together. We both work away from home during the day: Michael is a scientist, and I am a teacher and administrator at an independent school. I can take a dog to work with me a few days a week, we have a friend who wants to take our future dog once a week, and we are prepared to pay for day care the other days. We are both moderately active people and enjoy walking around our neighborhood on weekends, so our dog would get a fair amount of outside exercise time. We are also both very concerned about training a dog properly and are planning to work with our dog closely at home, attend classes ourselves, and bring in professional one-on-one help if needed.

What we are looking for:

We will be living in a first floor apartment of an older, four-unit building, so we are primarily concerned about nuisance barking. A relatively quiet, relaxed dog would be best. We also travel quite a bit and would like to be able to take a dog with us on planes. We would like a dog that is friendly and unafraid, since I will be taking our dog to school where it will interact with kids a few days a week. We could go either way with an adult or a puppy. We feel like an adult would be a better fit for our current lifestyle, but puppies are so adorable, and we would be willing to put in more time to bring up a young pup if the right one came along. We are open to purchasing a dog from a humane, ethical breeder, but of course if there is a rescue dog out there who would fit our needs, then that would be great. One more challenge we have is that we are looking to bring a pet home around July 30th, since I will have a week off at that time to spend with our new family member.

Any guidance you can give us in terms of which breeders might be having litters or placement dogs come up at the end of July would be much appreciated. Also, if you think we would be good candidates for the rescue wait list, then please help us get on it by all means. Finally, while we are waiting to find and adopt our forever dog, we would love to learn more about mini schnauzers and their care (i.e. visit breeders, shelters, vets), and any contacts you have would be most appreciated.

Thanks so much for reading!



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